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bullet  Customize your apparel and promotional program to promote your company like these businesses did!

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bullet  "The service and attention to detail was impeccable. I would not hesitate to do business with Argos again and again."

Roma Sumra
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Welcome to Argos Products

Distinctive styling. Quality materials. And an unwavering commitment to the image of corporate professionalism.

For 35 years Argos Products has committed to providing superior apparel and promotional products to the corporate world. As trends changed decade over decade, so have we.

From humble beginnings importing fashion-forward suitings for the local business market to dynamically servicing the apparel and promotional needs of businesses nationwide, Argos has evolved as the leading corporate apparel and promotional product distributor.

Each year we improve our pool of products from which we provide clients the best in business apparel and promotional items. Suppliers are graded on design, manufacturing facilities, quality assurance, and customer service.

Under these stringent metrics, Argos consistently provides customers with the finest materials and fabrications, and the latest styles.

At Argos we can proudly say that our customers come from industries that are as diverse as our product lines, from airlines to food services, forestry to hotels, and small business to big business. Whether it is meeting specific departmental needs, or developing a customized solution that re-energizes and re-brands your staff from the storeroom to the board room.

Argos Products. Your Image. Working for You.

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