Welcome to Argos Products!

At Argos, we specialize in providing small to large businesses with Career Apparel, Food Services and Hospitality Uniforms, Casual Wear, Safety Workwear, Promotional Items and more.

Since 1965, when we started out as tailors, Argos Products has been providing individuals and companies with quality garments at competitive prices. As styles changed decade over decade, so have we. Today we service a wide cross-section of industries, from local businesses to creative agencies and from hotels to hospitals and municipalities.

Looking for branded apparel? That’s where we really shine. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can be sure we’ll deliver. And if you need a little assistance or aren’t familiar with all your options, we’re happy to help guide you.

No matter what type of uniform you’re looking for, we can help. Let’s get your image working for you!

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